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Naltrexone for Weight Loss

TeleFit Health provides Naltrexone for weight loss to patients to help them lead healthier, happier lives. This medicine has been shown to help patients lose weight, and it might be right for you. We comprise experienced, committed medical specialists with a true desire to better our patients’ lives. We offer in-office and telehealth visits, making care convenient. We aim to find the source of your weight gain, educate you on treatment options, and develop a solution perfect your health and wellness.

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What Is Naltrexone?

Low-dose Naltrexone (or LDN) is a low-dose medicine used to help obese patients and those who want to lose weight. The medicine was initially created to treat drug addiction, but it’s been shown to be effective in treating many conditions. LDN helps users reduce weight by suppressing their appetite and desire to eat. It prohibits hunger signals from reaching the brain. The goal is to suppress patients’ food intake for extended periods, so they might gradually alter their food and drink intake. If effective, LDN promotes healthier eating habits and digestion.

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How Naltrexone Supports Weight Loss

There are many ways besides appetite suppression that LDN can help patients lose weight, including:

  • Energy Boosts: Many patients have felt more energy, leading to increased physical activity and stimulating calorie burn.
  • Growth Hormone Increase: LDN may increase growth hormones. Growth hormones help patients build and support muscle mass and increase fat burning.
  • Better Sleep: Poor sleep can cause inflammation related to weight gain. LDN has been shown to improve sleep quality, an essential component of weight loss.

Is LDN Right for Me?

With a healthy diet and exercise routine, LDN might be a suitable medicine for your weight loss journey. There are some factors that may impact how effective LDN is. These factors include body size, genetics, exercise habits, and muscle composition. At TeleFit Health, we’re passionate about helping patients make the right decisions for their health and wellness. During your consultation, we’ll learn about your weight loss goals and assess your health and lifestyle to determine if LDN is suitable for your needs.

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